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It’s old, but it’s new. Anyone of a certain age will remember the good ol’ rubber-keyed Sinclair ZX Spectrum and it’s distinctive graphics style. Now this unique form of art is celebrated in a huge collection of Spectrum screens created by new pixel-wizard-on-the-block Andy Green.

This book proudly displays over 100 Spectrum screens created

in honour of those games from days gone by which never

benefitted from amazing eye-popping pixel art as they slowly

loaded into the machine from tape cassette. New screens which easily match, and often surpass the quality of those created by the talented pixel artists of the 80’s.

Andy has not only created amazing screens for the games of days gone by, but has taken the retro gaming scene by storm producing pictures for the new wave of Spectrum games flooding onto retro websites and social media - including a number of screens for my own game, Project ZX 2 found on this very site.

I put this 140-page, full colour book together as a huge “thank you” to Andy for his input to Project ZX 2, and now the book is available to all on Amazon using the above link. The proceeds for Andy’s and my own contribution to this book will all go to the MS society, a Charity very close to Andy’s heart. Now why are you still on my website? Get over to Amazon and grab yourself a copy!